The late, great Mohammed Ali once said ‘The man who has no imagination has no wings.’ Tallboy’s creative director Ryan Say definitely has imagination – and now he has wings.

After a lengthy apprenticeship, Ryan (pictured above right with examiner Tony Hooper) successfully passed the final part of his training and is now a fully qualified Drone pilot. After months studying weather patterns, flight paths and aviation law, Ryan was asked to report to a secret location in the deepest English countryside to prove to the Civil Aviation Authority he had complete control of his Drone in the air.

The exam involved not only showing his dexterity as a Drone pilot flying complex patterns but also reacting to emergency situations (what do you do if a herd of cows suddenly get under the flight path?) and proving his skill to create the money shot for a client.

What sets Ryan apart from those that pop into their local high street store on a Saturday morning and start flying an hour later is the understanding of how to fly the Drone safely. The UK does have crowded airspace, but it also has millions of people and a complex infrastructure. Most of us consider ourselves good drivers, but what makes us a safe driver is heightened awareness of the road and the other users. And it’s that awareness that makes a great Drone pilot.

Now nicknamed Biggles by those who know him well, Ryan’s new qualification has not only made him very smug, but has given him an even better understanding of how to put the show in a show-stopping video. Ryan is proving putting wings on a camera gives video a whole new perspective.

As part of his training, he’s created stunning shots in the glens of Scotland, captured the beauty of the beaches of West Wales and made perfect pictures in St Vincent and the Grenadines.

If you want a Drone shot, then Ryan’s qualification will make an outstanding contribution to your video. He’ll also be outstanding – standing out in his new Biggles hat. Just working on the handlebar moustache now.