Quality content is vital to get your website to stand out amongst the competition. Stunning images and engaging blogs are fundamental however, adding video helps will take things to the next level.

Instant impact

Video has instant impact; this allows you to get your message across in a matter of seconds. It also can convey your personality and can make you approachable.

The advantage of video over text is what you see is what you get; The old adage of a picture painting a thousand words is very true.  A few well-chosen images, the right phrases said by the right people will instantly give the viewer the feeling you are someone to do business with.  

Smartphones and tablet devices mean it’s now easier than ever to stream video content and often people will spend 60 seconds listening to what you have to say rather than wading through wordy blogs.

Google loves them

Why does Google love video? Several reasons – first of all, videos show up as a separate entry on a Google search, so generating more traffic.

Using a video, will mean visitors to your site are likely to spend longer on your page. This is one of the criteria that Google measures; the longer the visitors to your page stay, the higher up the rankings you will move.

Anything that generates traffic will move your site higher up the ratings – so video is a vital tool!

The personal touch

Increasingly customers are looking to buy from brands that they connect with, rather than simply purchasing products because they like them. Customers now engage with social media as a way of feeling part of the brand.

A corporate video is the perfect way to become more personable and to really show your customers what your brand is all about. A video combines the three most used senses – auditory, visual and kinesetic – and therefore is a more rounded way getting either your own personality or the personality of your brand across.

Connecting with your customers with video will help them create an image of the people behind the brand and form a personal bond. The customer is far more likely to be loyal and repeat custom, something every business aspires to achieve.

It’s all about demand

There’s been a rapid tradition from text to videos and if you haven’t kept up, your website will look outdated and sluggish.

The demand for video content is perhaps best demonstrated by the popularity of YouTube which has now become the second biggest search engine in the world. With an excess of 1 billion visitors and six billion hours of content watched every month, the figures are compelling.

Content most certainly is king when it comes to getting website traffic. And good video content trumps everything else. Scoring highly with Google should be enough to get your attention but there’s so many more benefits too. In a digital age where consumers are demanding increasing connections with the brands they buy from, video is an easy way to reach your target market with much less effort.