As video becomes more important, increasingly important to your business in terms of engaging with your staff, stakeholders, leads and clients, you certainly need to have a strategy around any video you make, and it’s not all about production.

I see clients want to jump in straight into the making of a video, but to make video work, you need to do so much more around it. At Tallboy, we do have a five-step process of which the producing of a video, the making of a video, is only one of five steps. I’ll go into more of what those five steps are in other videos, the making of a video is not the most essential part, it’s one of the critical components, but it’s not the end-all and be-all. Unless you have a strategy around your video, then it’s potentially not going to work. That is the role of a video strategist, is to make sure that your video works, and it achieves the aims and goals you want to achieve.