In the modern world, social media and video are becoming huge platforms for online marketing and sales. Even on websites, businesses are incorporating more and more videos into their pages, as it creates a better visual effect and display. This is especially true for the big brand clothing stores, who are able to showcase their products better and more fluidly with the use of video. Even on the Amazon homepage, there are short videos of men and women moving around in clothes from the clothing section. It’s interactive, engaging, and something you need to be doing.

What Is It?

The videos that showcase clothing or accessories on these fashion websites are known as product videos. They allow a brand to display their products in an easy and fluid way. After all, looking at a new dress or suit being worn by someone else who is moving around and walking is a lot more appealing than a picture of the suit by itself.

It allows people to get a sense of what they want to buy and also increases customer engagement. After all, a website with videos has customers staying an average of an extra two minutes – which can be huge for conversion from browser to buyer. These product videos are not often long, as they are showing people doing basic movements in the clothing, but they are definitely effective.

So Why Is It Important?

There are actually a few reasons why product videos are important. Aside from engaging customers more and catching their attention, there are a few other valid reasons as to why they make a website stand out.

The first is that Google absolutely loves videos. If you have your product description and a product video, you have more chances to be featured at the top of a search – both in the website and video categories. It is also true that along with good SEO, Google favours sites that have video incorporated into their pages, so a product video works massively in your favour.

Secondly, is the whole concept of sharing online. When people like something, they share it to their social media pages or even via email. This spreads the word, creates further engagement, and can even cause high conversion rates – so people stop browsing and start buying. Sharing allows your word to spread without having to pay for advertising. It’s cheap and effective.

Product Interest

To be creative. Don’t be bland and boring, truly create something when you start these product videos. Be bold, eye catching, and memorable. People will look past the plain white background and generic soundtrack, but they will stop for something vibrant and a little different. Of course, while being bold make sure you don’t go over the top.

Video Production & Retail

Product videos are the way forward for your company, and video production companies re available across the country to meet your needs. In a modern world of social media, you need to be up with the times and prepared to make a video that people aren’t going to be able to resist sharing. Be bold, be loud, and above all, be memorable.