What if I make a video and it doesn’t work? You may be concerned about putting a lot of time and money into a video and not seeing any returns. Today I talk about the five-step process I use to guarantee video works for your business.

I’ve worked with many clients who have been in this situation. What I have seen with my insights and working with hundreds of businesses and making thousands of videos is there has to be a mindset shift when it comes to video. I think people still see video as a one-off. They think they want a magic bullet video, where one video will communicate all their messages to loads of different audiences. And if you do that, the video will not resonate with anyone and not going to work for you.

It is easy to focus on the production rather than take a step back and plan the video, work out what the goals are, and have a marketing strategy in place, where you can get the video in front of your desired audience. In short, you don’t have a video strategy.

I have developed a five-step process which will guarantee video will work for your business. The process is broken down into; planning, production, promotion, performance, and polish. Most business I see only actually do two of these, there might be some planning, and they focus on the production. Very few companies actually do a promotion, which can either be paid or not paid. Very few companies track and measure their videos and see how it’s performing. And then very few then would look at the video and then actually rework it, re-edit it, repurpose it. In other words, polish it to make sure that it works.

If you’re serious about wanting to build your audience to grow your business with video, I’m offering a 30-minute video strategy call. The link’s on the screen. It is a free strategy session where I can support you and advise you on how you can use my five-step process to grow your business with video.