The budget that not for profit companies have available to spend on marketing their products and services is obviously somewhat limited compared to most commercial concerns. However, where these two types of organisation are similar to one another is that they both aim to maximise their businesses profile in the most cost-effective way.

Video Content is Key

For that reason, although some not for profit organisations might feel a certain reluctance to consider using video content as part of their marketing campaign, it may well prove to be money well spent. In this article, we will seek to demonstrate how video content can help not for profit businesses.

  1. Audience Reach

Many marketing resources that are sourced locally may offer only a limited reach. A professional video production company can create content that can reach a worldwide audience through a creative public service announcement.

  1. Engagement

Film has been shown to be more likely to engage an audience than leaflets, flyers or non-animated marketing methods. This is just as likely to be the case for not for profit companies as it is for commercial concerns. Through video content, it is more likely that you will be able to raise awareness about the services that you are offering and increase your outreach and, in turn, the effectiveness of your fundraising.

  1. Social Media

When combined with social media, video content can help to reach and engage your target audience. Once again, this will increase the potential of your fundraising programme.

  1. Dedicated Events

Many not for profit organisations hold fetes, galas or other events that are designed to raise awareness about their services and increase the number of benefactors, sponsors and donations. Video content enables a not for profit company to create a more meaningful, “real life” experience for the audience than less animated means of marketing.

  1. Professionalism

A professionally produced public service announcement, in the form of a video production can only reflect positively on the professionalism of your organisation. In many cases, those who make contributions to not for profit organisations receive no material return. They need to be assured that their contributions are well spent. The more professional your organisation appears, the more likely that they will receive this reassurance.

  1. Easily Measurable Return on Investment

The expenditure of not for profit companies frequently comes under very close scrutiny. It is important, for this reason, that they can produce figures to demonstrate the extent of their return on their investment. Experienced video marketers are able to assist in this process, using their experience of previous similar campaigns for other not for profit companies.

Video content can be an effective, interactive and far reaching means of engaging an audience of potential supporters. It can enhance the experience of those attending fundraising events and, through that, increase the likelihood of attracting volunteers, donors and sponsors. Finally, at a time when resources are limited, many people and businesses are more selective about which not for profit companies to support. Using video content as part of your marketing campaign may just put your company ahead of the competition.