Video Consultancy



The age of video is now. If you are serious about growing your business, engaging your employees, and selling to your customers, you need to embrace video. If you don’t, your organization could be left behind in this rapidly changing digital age.

How-To-Get-Video-Right-Book-ImageVideo should be at the heart of your marketing and communications strategy.  A great video is the stating point; it’s how you use it that will make the difference. It can increase customer loyalty, improve your brand recognition and, most importantly, push your website to the top of the Google ranking.

A video is designed to be seen; it needs an audience. The way the video can find that audience changes almost on a daily basis; website, email, social media, at events and on billboards. The delivery method matters as much as the video itself – and when both video and delivery work together, the results are impactful.
Tallboy will work with you to ensure your get the maximum return on investment with your video. We will analyze the content, investigate the style and examine the analytics.  Our advice will ensure you get the:

  • Maximum return on investment
  • Save thousands of pounds on your next production
  • Understand the secrets to getting your video viewed
  • How to measure engagement to get the best value

Tallboy’s Managing Director Simon Banks is an expert in the video marketing field – his book How to Get Video Right is the definitive guide to successfully using video to achieve sales and brand loyalty.  Simon works with companies all over the world to ensure they understand how to get video right.

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