The Six Elements of Video Communications Strategy – Investment

If you could spend part of your marketing budget and instantly see results, then it would be a no–brainer. Of course you would do it. And if you spent that money and realized by making just a small adjustment you could get even better results, again, I am sure you would do it.

That’s how to think about your video.  A video is a particularly effective form of investment that will lead to a return. That investment could be creating something that showcases your company to the world, or enhances your reputation. It could be an investment into demonstrating your product or promoting your services. The investment pays off when the video reaches its intended target audience and beyond, and you should see a significant return.

Creating the video content is only one part of the investment. As we will look at later, it’s also important have a marketing campaign around it and to track the results.  The beauty of tracking video – seeing who is watching, for how long, where and on what device – is that it’s child’s play to make tiny changes which make all the difference. Like tracking the FTSE and pulling out of bonds when the bulls make a run, you can make immediate adjustments to your investment that will bring you the maximum return.

So how is your investment maximized? The statistics show that video content is a very powerful sales and marketing tool.

  • Think Google – a site featuring video is 53 times more likely to appear on page on of Google’s search listings (But you do have to pay attention to having the appropriate SEO (search engine optimization)
  • Think cats – video is shared via social media as people share what they like
  • Think online – the rise of the YouTube generation means more people prefer to watch video online
  • Think brand association – statistics show video delivers higher brand association than other forms of communications. Just consider ‘ Written down, it looks ridiculous. With a catchy jingle and some amusing images, it’s annoyingly memorable
  • Think expertise – allocating your budget to people who know how to make video for the best results – don’t lose sight of your own business and try to become film makers
  • Think sales – 73% of people are likely to purchase a product or service if they can watch a video explaining it beforehand
  • Think click-through – Video in email marketing can increase click-through rates by over 96%
  • Think marketers – 70% agree video consistently outperforms other content in producing sales and leads