The Six Elements of Video Communications Strategy – Distribution

Making a video go viral 

“Create something so compelling, so interesting, funny or insightful that people genuinely enjoy your content, and you’ll find that people might even recommend it around.”

Steffan Aquarone for Econsultancy

Your cat has a habit of drinking from the toilet. One day, you film her doing it. That night in the pub, you show your friends the video on the phone. One of your mates asks you to send it to them and then posts it on his Facebook page.  Suddenly, your cat is a YouTube sensation.

Congratulations. You have just executed a near-perfect marketing strategy. Not only did you film something, you knew it had an audience, and you reached them and others!  Transfer these skills to your business and suddenly your video will be much more powerful.

Spending money on creating a video is only part of producing a successful communications tool. We know from statistics that the medium of video is a very powerful sales device. Producing fabulous video content is just the start of your communications strategy – making sure it is marketed and distributed effectively is just as important.

So just like the cat video, think about these steps:

  • Who will want to see your video – will it be just an internal or also an external audience?
  • Is it informational, viral, funny, educational, motivational?
  • Will it have a captive audience?
  • What platform should you consider (YouTube, Vimeo, Intranet)?
  • How will you track who watches the video (analytics)?
  • Content is King but marketing is Queen!