Six Elements of Video Communications Strategy – Audience

We have identified six important elements to consider when developing your Video Communications Strategy. Each play a vital role in shaping the direction and outcome of your corporate video and to allow you to carefully consider the impact it will have on your business goals. Thinking them through now will mean less wastage of, time, resources and money in the long run. Today we take a look at the audience.

The audience:

It is important to step into the shoes of who is going to watch the corporate video and consider two points.

  1. Who is your audience?
  2. How do you want the audience to feel and/or act?

When thinking about who your audience is, give some thought to the following:-

  • Is your audience internal or external? 

If the video is aimed at an internal audience, how best can the video relate to them? Will it speak their ‘language’ ? Will the audience be expecting to see a certain style, pace or candour and are there any company specific phrases or language that should be featured or included.

  • What generation is the video aimed at?

Todays workplace is a multi-generational one, with Generation Y, Generation X and baby boomers all coexisting in the same office, each with a different set of values and communication styles.  This will influence what tone of voice and pace would work best in a video, the length and formality of content. It will also impact how the video is likely to be viewed, the attention span it will be afforded and the viewer’s propensity to be engaged in what they are seeing.

  • Current or potential customers – who is the video aimed at?

Does your audience already know you? How well do they know you? Do you want them to see you in a different light? How can you use video to change a perception? If your audience is potential customers, what first impression do you want to leave?

  • What do you want the viewer to think, feel and do after watch the video?

What reaction are you hoping for? What emotion do you want to stir? Do you want your audience to feel engaged? Compelled? Inspired? Motivated? Committed? Amused?

  • Think of the message not the medium.

Don’t be led by the process of how the video will be seen.  If your message or content is compelling, and told using a story telling approach, your audience will be captivated enough, however they are consuming the content.

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