Should you have decided to spend money on developing video content as a marketing tool for your business, chances are you’ll want to get as much out of it as possible.

You might not really appreciate the difference between marketing and PR. Many people don’t. The relationship between the two has blurred a lot since the advent of the online world. And that’s not an entirely bad thing.

Corporate Video Options

In clear cut terms, marketing used to be more about advertising and PR how you talk to the press and put your business in a good light. In the past, you would probably produce entirely different content for the two.

For example, a press release would be written in a certain way and distributed to a closed circle of people such as journalists. An advertising campaign or even a blog post, on the other hand, would follow its own rules.

The good news is, video is a great marketing tool for both genres of business management. The improvement with faster connections, the development of smart phones, social media and sites like YouTube have all made it possible to watch videos on the go, when and where we want.

A corporate video announcing the launch of a new product can act as a video press release, but it also has the power to be great marketing asset – post it on social media and you can end up going viral. There’s a lot of opportunity to repurpose this kind of content for a multitude of uses.

Why Video Works for Marketing and PR

There are several reasons why video is such an attractive medium. It’s the most shareable media on the planet at the moment. Whether it’s on YouTube, Vimeo or Facebook, we’re more like to watch and share content like this than anything else. It outperforms almost any other kind of content to a high degree. You have the advantage of a wide range of sites where people will be happy to pass on your advertising or PR message without you trying.

Video also gives you the opportunity to appear real and authentic to the general public. Written content, advertorials and infographics all have their place, but they can often appear impersonal. Video means you can get out in front of your customers and really show them who you are. This gives you the chance to make a strong and long-lasting connection.

We all know that emotion makes experience so much more powerful. That’s what video does –it connects on a visceral level. Get the story right and include good production values and you have marketing and PR product that really hits the mark and the heart.

If you’re confident in using video as a medium, video quickly becomes a powerful tool for off the cuff news. If you’re at an event, for example, you can stream your experience to your fans or followers or collect video to make a film later. You don’t have to wait.

There’s no doubt that video will become an even more important marketing and PR tool over the next few years. The good news it’s no longer the expensive advertising choice that it was and practically any business can use it to their benefit. By using an experienced video production company the videos created will be accessible to both the marketing and PR arms of your business and provide an excellent return on investment.