In this age, technology is the number one factor for success for so many sectors and industries. From social media to video production, these are all tactics that are used to create engagement and draw people in. The same applies to schools, people want to see technology being actively used by them, especially now that ICT classes have become more advanced than ever before and children are more comfortable with technology than most of their parents. So here are a few pointers on how you can create an effective video for student recruitment, but also how it can drive people to come visit the education facility and possibly enrol.

How It Works

A video that is well made and informative can really engage potential students, or parents of. By watching the video, they are more likely to look further into the campus or school and do more research on what is offered. As long as the video is interesting, and not too long, it should work wonderfully in terms of pupil recruitment for an education facility.

The way it drives people to become interesting in your education facility is in the way it is presented, and the way in which you try to engage with them. A successful recruitment video will help to drive your application off the charts and really spread the word about your school or university.

What Should It Include?

Most of these videos have the current students as the stars. They will take people around a virtual tour of the facility, talk about the history, their time there, and also a little more about classes and extracurricular activities. It should involve a few of the staff members, interviews with other students, and visual displays of classrooms or lecture halls as well as areas such as the food hall or library.

Really, these videos can be split into several parts that span across the relevant pages. So when looking at an accommodation page for university, for example, there should be a video showing the rooms but also talking about what it is like to live there. They should be enjoyable to watch and have some light humour, as well as showing that life at the educational facility is like every day. It should be smart casual; people want to see a lighter side to the place. Parents want to know their children are going to like it, and the children (or young adults) want to know they will enjoy their time.

What to Avoid

While it is good to have a slightly unconventional approach and add a little humour, do not go overboard to the point that it effects the marketing value of a video. Remember that this video is trying to draw students and parents alike in and needs to be informative. Do not distract from the benefits of your school or university.

Some Final Tips

As some final tops for drawing in prospective students, remember to list the benefits of attending, make the video engaging, and also try to inspire emotion in the viewer. Most importantly, do not make the viewer work hard on concentrating or understanding the message behind the video. Video is a key driving tool in educational recruitment, it needs to highlight the happiness and spirit of the school or university. It engages, and as result it will bring people in. Go create, and remember these important tips as well as how it can help to drive education recruitment.