As the saying goes, cliché though it may be, a picture paints a thousand words. But if you want to sell your property on today’s market, a professionally produced video not only paints a thousand words, it’s almost guaranteed to get more people interested.

Why? A video can allow a potential buyer to step inside your house and see if it’s really for them.

You Can Show More

Photos are fine but they lack a certain amount of dynamism. A video can lead your potential buyer through the house and show them what a great place you have for sale. It immerses them in the experience and sets you apart from other homes that are selling in your area.

You Can Present Your Home in the Best Light

A professional video of your property will show it in a way that will impress viewers.  We all have shorter attention spans nowadays and catching a viewer and showing them a film of your home rather than a few random photos can help your property stay in their mind a lot longer.

You Can Provide a Running Commentary

People buy from people. It’s an oft touted mantra of marketing professionals and entrepreneurs. A video allows you to add more than a little personality to your sales pitch and get potential buyers interested. You can stand in front of the camera and provide a guided tour or behind it and just offer a running commentary. Of course, if you haven’t got the film star quality personality or voice, you can always pay someone to do it for you.

You Can Weed Out the Time Wasters

If you are selling a property you’ll know that some people might like the photos on your ad site but when they actually get there in person, they turn a little cooler as a prospect. Providing a video of your property allows you to filter out those who had a marginal interest but were never likely to buy. That’s the difference between straight photos and the story that a well-constructed video shows. People can look at it and make a more valued decision – that means those who come for a viewing are likely to have a greater interest in the property than those who are being speculative at most.

Professional Video Production for Estate Agents

Videos are all very well but quality counts for much in this form of marketing. We can all take pictures using our smartphones nowadays but most of us don’t possess the skill to make those pictures count. That goes for video as well. Hiring a professional to construct, script and film your house video can make all the difference between a quick sale and a house that is on the market for a good while. They’ll be able to concentrate on the strong selling points of your property and make sure that they are all seen in the best light. It may cost a little extra but the outlay is worth it if you get the right buyers coming through the door who are ready to buy and interested in making serious offers.

The online selling environment has become a lot more sophisticated in recent years and catching the attention of buyers has never been more difficult when it comes to the housing market. Including a professionally produced video of your property can make all the difference to getting your asking price and an early sale.