Short video is one of the most powerful marketing tools available to businesses.

From the shortest, which is Vine at 6 seconds, Instagram video at 15 seconds, to YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google Hangouts, which can be any length, short video is easy to recognise.

Three key components of a successful ‘short video’

  • A clear message –spend your time being creative with video when you have a clear message – make sure you define the messages first.
  • Punchy, informative content – from eye-catching captions to strong dialogue, short videos are immediate and effective.
  • Use repetition wisely – for an emotive message, repetition can be useful,. For example, watching seven tired drivers in a traffic queue take their hands off the wheel to rub their closed eyes can hammer home how tiredness kills. But hearing the same thing over and over again can deaden the impact Your visuals should carry a strong message,.

Ways to use short video for business success

Teasers and demos – you can begin the ‘reveal’ of a product or service long before you actually launch it. This process works well in a smaller marketplace, which is often more receptive to high quality short video. You can begin with a Vine or similar short video inviting buy-in. Aimed at your target audience this kind of approach builds real buzz. A professional video production company can help you find the right ‘reveal’ for your business or product.

Event previews – short video can build awareness of the event and encourage participation.

A few tracking shots of the venue or equipment, happy, smiling personnel getting ready for the big day and perhaps a couple of brief testimonials from former participants will do the job. This has three great effects:

  1. People feel like they are already part of something
  2. Participants become familiar with the concepts and even the personnel and venue so they are relaxed and receptive
  3. Testimonials can build loyalty and brand following

Showcase success – whether you’ve won an award, finished a project on time or solved a problem, short business videos can help showcase your successes. This approach requires what Buzzfeed calls the ‘humble brag’ so it’s all about looking human and sharing how you’ve helped, not how amazing you are. The audience may think your business or service is amazing when put in context of how you achieve things for others,

Effective short video marketing

Here are some simple dos for short video marketing:

  • Use hashtags and relevant descriptions so others can find them easily
  • Share them on Facebook and Twitter, using all channels to get the message out
  • Strip out tiny sections to become Vines or Instagram videos – remember to embed the full short video on your website

Short Video is a powerful tool to be used in many ways for any business type. Whether you want to promote a product or an idea, reach out with a new message, solidify a position or create memories of an event, with the right video production team behind you a short video can be the best and most cost effective way to reach your target market quickly and with success.