Most marketers believe that video is one of the key tools required to instil brand awareness and connect with existing and potential new customers. We’re more likely to watch a video than we are to read through a lots of dry written content.

Building excitement about your brand this way involves understanding the power that video is able to deliver while finding ways to leverage all that potential.

  1. How-To Videos and Useful Tutorials

The traditional way that businesses use video is to produce how-to content and tutorials. This is still a great way to get fans and followers engaged and is a useful tool for engaging with your product or service in a much deeper way.

The key here is to keep things short and sweet – a minute long video about how to get the best out of your product is likely to have higher viewing figures than one which drones on for half an hour.

  1. Live Video

Many businesses are now taking the plunge into the world of live video. This has been helped immensely in recent times by social media platforms like Facebook having their own live feeds. It can add dynamism, immediacy and personality to your brand if done properly.

Use it to hold Q&A sessions or to show your company at a high profile event. That live content can also later be repurposed for promotional videos.

  1. The Art of Repurposing

A lot of businesses have older video content that may be sitting on their site, actually not achieving much. This is great for repurposing into newer videos. All you need is a good editing team to repackage your content and you immediately have something that you can put online and show again, but in a new way, to your audience.

  1. Short Video Clips for Social Media

Social media is perfect for short, bite-size video content. A post with video content attached to it is more likely to be shared than a simple written message. Keep it quirky and memorable and you can end up getting your message to a much wider audience through reposts.

These types of content are typically just a few seconds in length, require little in the way of editing and can again be reused in other content to promote your brand.

5.User Generated Content

Like live content, UGC or user generated content can make many business owners more than a little nervous. You don’t always know what you are going to get. The truth is that large corporations like MacDonald’s and Starbucks have been using it to great effect around the world for some years now. UGC is an excellent way to get new brand content out there from your most creative and enthusiastic followers and fans.

  1. Creating a Meme

What’s a meme? It’s essentially a quirky, humorous or contentious video, image or piece of text that gets widely shared. Again, video tends to work best here and if you can find something that hits a cultural bullseye, you can expect your message to be shared widely across social media.

There are a lot of ways that video can be used online and there are plenty of opportunities to be creative. Putting together a strategy is important as with any marketing initiative but you shouldn’t be frightened to let your creative side run free if you want to make the most of video in all its various guises.