For a lot of businesses, the about us page is merely an add on, something that web design protocol says should be there. Nobody actually reads that stuff, right?

While not many people will decide to click on this page and read what you say about yourself, it is an important opportunity to build rapport and demonstrate your capability. It doesn’t have to be a couple of paragraphs along with a few staff profiles, it could be a lot more interesting!

Creating a video for the ‘About Us’ page is one way to generate greater interest in who you are. Video is more likely to be viewed by higher numbers of people compared to written material.

  • One of the key factors in anyone buying from your brand is how much they like you. As the old saying goes: People buy from people.
  • A video gives you the opportunity to add bags of personality to your brand. It puts a human face in front of the public.
  • It can help clarify what you are about and how you fit into your customer’s world.
  • You can focus on personalities within your business and how you came to develop and grow in an entertaining way.
  • At it’s core, is promotes a more emotional response that you don’t get from written copy.

Perhaps you’re a family business and you want to bring across those qualities in your video. Maybe you want to amplify your digital credentials, show people how friendly you are, instil a sense of reliability and trust or a mix of all three. A video is much more personal than a written statement. It brings you and your brand to life before people’s eyes.

What Makes a Great About Us Video?

Keep it the right length, send the appropriate messages and entertain your visitor at the same time and you should also improve the likelihood that they are going to buy your product.

Have a compelling script, this will ensure your ‘About Us’ video moves beyond the ordinary list of accomplishments and future goals. Origin stories or discussions about the love of the product that you sell will make your video more interesting.

Timing is important, about 2 minutes is a good benchmark length for an ‘About Us’ video. That’s time enough for the viewer to settle in and get to know you but not so long they begin to get bored. As with all content on your website, the success you get will depend on how much work and thought you want to put into it.

There are no short cuts, when it comes to developing promotional and corporate videos. The upside is that this the kind of content gets shared more than any other. It also has a longevity that means it will continue to connect with people and potential customers for some time to come and delivers a good ROI.

You can post your about us video almost anywhere, on social media and on sites like YouTube. What does that mean? For one, it gives more people the opportunity to see you. Optimise your video and prime it for certain searches and keywords and before customers even reach your site, they’ll have started to get to know you.

Content on your website can be more than written text, to connect with customers you need to reach them, to convert they need to trust you and an About Us video will certainly help with that. Contact the Tall Boy team today to get started making videos that will make a difference to your audience and your business.