It’s the perennial problem for businesses across the world. What types of content are best utilised to drive traffic and customers to a product or service?

The good news is that there are wide range of approaches you can use nowadays. The bad news is that it can be confusing trying to pick the right one for your product, especially if you are working on a limited budget.

Before you start planning your next marketing campaign, here are three powerful approaches that should work for any business:

Written Content

Get it right and this is still a powerful way to bring customers into your website, especially when it is linked to your social media accounts. Apart from the content you produce for your main website, there are other options which can improve traffic, including:

  • Blog Posts: Regular articles on your site that will be of interest to potential customers are the easiest way to keep people engaged. Ideally, you should look to produce at least two or three posts a month and use social media to link into these pages.
  • Location Specific Landing Pages: If you operate in certain areas or want to attract customers from a specific location, creating keyword specific content can make a big difference.


Infographics are essentially lists in image form. They can take a bit of work to research and set up, but they are a great tool for one simple reason – people love to share them. Get a link out to social media and allow visitors to embed the infographic on their own website and you have a ready-made advertising tool that continues to work for months and years to come.

Video Content

There’s no doubt that video content has become more important to businesses of all sizes in the last few years. Part of that is down to the fact that many of us nowadays have smartphones and access all sorts of video content on the move. In addition, you can put video content on your own website but you can also share it on platforms such as YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.

We are moving away from largely static content in some respects. YouTube is actually the second biggest search engine on the planet, just behind Google. We consume some 6 billion hours every month on the website and that doesn’t take into account the potential of other video sharing websites.

Engaging Video Content

Video is a great way to get complex and important information across to your customers in the shortest amount of time and often the most entertaining way. It can also help with your inbound marketing plan if you allow people to share and embed the video on their own websites.

The good news is that video marketing and creation has become a lot more accessible and cheaper over the last few years. With great video content and a well-planned strategy it is something that any size business can invest in.

Get it right and a combination of great written and video content can make a big difference to how many customers get to see your website and learn about your product or service. The key for most businesses is developing the strategy that delivers a strong return on investment while reaching the most number of potential customers.