Since the caveman learned how to draw, depicting an image has been part of the human psyche. The image is a kind of shorthand that allows us to relate to that person quickly and easily. We take a small part of that individual, exaggerate it and that defines the person for us. Think Winston Churchill and his cigars, Margaret Thatcher and her helmet of shiny blonde hair. Even Kim Kardashian and her unfeasibly large behind.

Take the current US presidential race. Donald Trump is getting most of the airtime. Once reason for that is his easy to recognize image – put the other Republican candidates in a line up, and you would be hard pressed to tell the difference. Not because they all look alike, but because they don’t have something that defines them and makes them stand out. Trump, with his rather bad haircut and no-holds barred motor mouth, has created an image that is instantly recognizable. Hearing the word ‘Trump’ creates a feeling in most people of a loud-mouthed, arrogant, know-it-all. It’s powerful – and certainly not bland.

Your corporate video should also create an image of your company – and it’s vital you know the image you want to project and how that will work with your audience. Sadly, many corporate videos can be insipid – it starts with an outside view of the office, a few lovely shots inside of happy people working hard at their desk, close up of fingers on a keyboard, and some shots of a large meeting in a sunny room with a little bit of meaningless pointing. You may think the image is one of polished professionalism, but to many people it’s just dull.

Using the right Video Services to achieve your goals

Working out who your audience is and what they want from you is the key to making a great corporate video with the right image. It’s not about the product; it’s more about why your customers come to you. Do they just want the ease of ordering with no fuss? Then just show the product – the image is efficiency, with no frills. Does your staff have great relationships with your customers – then the corporate video should reflect the care and your video should feature people, not product. See Tallboy’s video for Bryson.

All of us have an image. The price of getting our image wrong can be extremely damaging. Tesco, for so long portraying itself as giving value to hard working people, has been embroiled in a scandal about the way it treats is suppliers. Now it’s image is of a corporate giant crushing the little businesses.

Your corporate video should reflect your brand and your image – get it right and the feeling you create in your customers is worth your weight in gold.

Since Donald Trump dropped out of Fox News’ final GOP debate, Stephen Colbert on CBS’s Late Show decided to hold the classiest, Trumpiest debate of all time.