For those that don’t do it, travelling in the course of work always seems so glamorous, particularly when it’s a foreign destination.  And there are lots of perks – going to new places, meeting new people and having experiences that you wouldn’t otherwise have had.However, most of the time it’s just sitting in airport lounges waiting for the next flight, a taxi to the location or hotel or a long, tedious motorway journey. But what makes or breaks a trip away is attitude.

A trip to a place not visited before can be viewed as an adventure or it can seen as a potential for disaster. The truth is probably somewhere in between, but the outcome will inevitably depend on attitude.

A cornerstone of Neuro-lingustic programming, a communications technique, is about controlling your state – that is, ensuring your attitude matches what you want to achieve.  The Seattle based Pike Place Fish Market inspired a new way of motivational thinking in business after the fishmongers who worked there decided to be ‘world famous’ and adopted the accompanying attitude.  And threw the fish around. (See video below)

The book Think and Grow Rich in the 1930s inspired the phrase positive mental attitude when it linked the importance of maintaining a positive attitude and being successful in business.

So on a location shoot, maintaining that positive attitude is vital to ensure success. It starts at airport check in, when a crew arrives with oversized baggage. Preserving both a sense of humor and humanity towards travelling companions when you’ve been up for nearly 24 hours and you still haven’t reached your destination is worth it’s weight in diamonds.

A crew that travels together well also serves as an indication of how well they perform together – and teamwork is the foundation of a successful video (see Gold Standard blog).  If they can stand being in a car together for six hours travelling from Newcastle to Cardiff then they will probably second-guess each others needs on the shoot – and that makes the process run smoothly, giving the best results for the video and the client.

A great attitude from the crew will also affect the people around them.  As the fishmongers found, if they took the decision in the morning that they would make someone’s day, that approach spread among others.  We probably all have a personal story of an inspiring boss versus a grumpy curmudgeon and the affect on the workplace.

If the men could make a job as mundane as working with fish into a thing of joy, imagine what a bit of positivity can do to a creative process like making a video. Every journey, they say, starts with a single step. Let’s amend that to a single step and a great deal of positive attitude.