Lights, Camera – Action!

Speaking directly to camera can be a daunting experience.  Talking to an inanimate object, seeing a faint reflection of yourself, with no physical clues that it’s taking in what you are saying – well, it’s not natural.

Like all presenting skills, it’s not rocket science, and with a few basic techniques you can look great and sound authoritative. First, actually imagine your audience – or at least one person. If you concentrate on thinking about them when you speak and not the camera, it will make a huge difference. You can watch our Talking Heads showreel for some examples.


  1. Look through the lens when you imagine that person – and not at the lens
  2. Keep it Short and Simple (KISS) – it’s easier to remember for both you and the audience
  3. Eye contact with the camera is essential – resist the temptation to look away
  4. Start by making eye contact with the camera and hold it for five seconds before you start
  5. Start with a clear sentence that tells the audience what you are about to do: a strong start should give you confidence
  6. End strongly leaving no doubt you have finished, and then hold eye contact for as long as you can
  7. Enjoy it! You have something to say and there are people who want to listen. If you appear nervous, the audience will be less receptive

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