Video is a powerful marketing tool. People tend to pay more attention to it than written material, retain that information to a greater degree and generally find it more entertaining leading to more sharing.

That’s if you find the right format for your message.

  1. Influencing via Vlogs

Video blogging has become highly popular over the last decade and created some online stars in the process. Each blog usually picks a single subject and explores it for the viewer. Let’s say, you sell a makeup line – regular entries on how to get certain looks can build a strong following online. Some businesses will latch onto influencers who run their own vlogs and hope to get them to advertise their products. Some of these can attract thousands, if not millions, of fans and followers.

  1. Add personality with a Talking Head

The traditional talking head where someone explains their product or service can also be a powerful video tool. It’s something that is often employed by services such as solicitors who can sit and explain what a particular process is or how to get the right legal advice. They are generally used on a site to add dynamism and personality to the content.

  1. Get your message across with Webinars

These are essentially online lectures or seminars and can be shown live or reviewed after the event. The great thing about webinars is that you can invite guests and engage with them online in real time, creating a lively and exciting environment.

  1. Promote and Celebrate with Event Videos

Videoing yourself at an event can give your customers an insight into your product or company if they can’t make it there on the day. With options like live streaming, this is becoming a popular and cheap way of reaching out to fans and followers.

  1. Detailed Tutorials Work

A tutorial is slightly different from a webinar in that it is designed to show how to do something or use a product. For example, if you sell smartphones, you can demonstrate ways to get the best out the camera or download certain useful apps. If you have software, you can demonstrate hacks or how to use a particular function. For larger corporations, these are often produced through user generated content which can add to the marketing mix as well and cost nothing to produce.

  1. Promotional Video

A straight promotional video is more like a traditional advert and can vary in length. It can be used on a website but is more often incorporated into marketing such as PPC advertising or added onto other video content. Promotional videos are generally used to announce a new product on the market or increase brand awareness.

  1. A different perspective – Animation

Increasingly, with easy to use software, many businesses are beginning to opt for animation. There are sites that allow you to do this and can they provide a quick and simple way to get a message across to your potential customers, particularly for small and medium sized businesses on limited budgets.

  1. Connect and trust with Testimonial & Product Reviews

Similar to talking head videos, testimonials feature satisfied customers explaining what they got out of your product or service. This can be just one person or several with each making a particular point about what you provide. Done well, these can be powerful tools and create a strong connection with potential customers.

The good news is that videos are easier than ever to produce and can have a big impact with customers. They are shared on average a lot more than other content and, if you pick the right format, often have the chance of going viral and reaching a much wider audience.