1.Go, Go, Go!

From restaurants to health clubs, investment trusts to dentistry, your potential customers will expect to pick a main course/schedule a workout/move money and book appointments not only online but on their mobile device.  2015 was the year when mobile overtook desktop – and the trend will continue.

The average time per day a person is likely to spend on a mobile device – excluding phone calls – is expected to be around 3 hours and 15 minutes in 2016. Your corporate video should therefore be mobile optimized – shorter, cleaner and sharper.

2.Virtual Reality

Not quite there yet, but as companies like EE begin to experiment in bringing the virtual reality experience to their customers, corporate videos should look at creating a more enhanced user experience. Getting the message across has always been about creating feelings – now corporate video has to create an ambient experience for the viewer. Expect more motion graphics and creative ways to film.

3.Video ads will dominate the Internet

Nothing new in video ads, but 2016 is likely to be different. Firstly, Google now owns YouTube, and is using in-SERP (Search Engine Results Page) video advertising. In a nutshell and without being too geeky, this allows advertisers to use the subtle differences in each individual search to be more targeted.  Expect to see more videos popping up in unexpected places.

4.Less is more

In fashion and marketing, the trend for neutrals and that stripped-back feeling will continue. And that will spill over to corporate video. If you pay attention to the above trends 1 and 2 especially, then it makes sense to ensure your corporate video is simple, to the point and presented in a way that looks fabulous on the small screen. The image and how it’s presented will be big in corporate video.

5.Everything is new

Social media is already ‘in-the-moment’ and 2016 will be more immediate than any other year. While some sites like Periscope (recently bought by Twitter) allow you to broadcast your life live (you can literally watch paint dry), in the corporate world, your customers will expect to constantly see new things on your website.  Your corporate video needs to adapt and change in response to the analytics. Just as the Christmas turkey can become a curry, a stir-fry, a pie and even a soup, your corporate video should be flexible.

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