You’ve probably taken a lot of time and effort creating all sorts of marketing content over the years. What do you do with it once it has served its initial purpose? Let it sit there and gather digital dust? It does not have to, repurposing old content into new usable videos is not just possible, but also very practical!

Repurposing content is a great way to get more bang for your bucks and use stuff that you already have in your portfolio. What’s more, it’s the sort of content that is often suitable for use in videos.

As we all know, video is a popular medium and is becoming increasingly important in marketing. Here are just a few tips on finding content that you can use for a new, exciting video to wow your customers.

  1. Old Blogs and Whitepapers

You may think any form of written content is not suitable for video. You’re looking for images and old video content, right? Wrong.

  • Let’s take an old blog post. How about converting that into an animated video with bullet points to explain something about your business or product to your customer
  • A whitepaper can be a mine of useful ideas for videos. Rescript and film it in a new way and you have an engaging visual marketing asset for your customers to enjoy.

It’s all about seeing the potential in existing content and then reimagining it for video. It’s quite simple once you get the hang of it.

  1. Plug into Industry Research

This is another good source of information and fruitful ideas for great video offering. Perhaps you have a bunch of stats about your industry or sector. Maybe there’s a useful infographic sitting on your site that can have new life breathed into it by turning into a video.

If you have a lot of information, you can make a wide range of different videos. A white paper, for example, can be turned into an easy to consume series for your customers. The good news is that once you start looking, you’ll be surprised at the number of potential options you come across.

  1. Using Existing Video Footage

The great thing about video is that it can be edited and copied and added to other videos. For example, you may have a long corporate video explaining what you are all about as a business. How about turning this into a shorter taster for your fans and followers that you can post on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter

Keeping an archive of existing video footage can also save you money on new campaigns. Why reinvent the wheel You might have live streams from when you were at an event or old promo videos that still look good and can add to your new production.

If you want to make the most of video for your business marketing, it’s a good idea to keep the idea of potential new uses at the back of your mind when developing any kind of content. Get into the habit of saving up a portfolio of ideas and different content so that it is easily accessible when you most need it. Then all you have to do is open up the file and pick and choose what you want. A video consultant can really bring all of these ideas together to make the most of your material.