While most of us like to think we have a decent creative side, many of us actually find it difficult to think outside the box and add something new and inspiring to our content. This is especially important, of course, when it comes to creating brand videos that are likely to impact positively on your audience.

Here we take a closer look at quick and easy ways to inspire greater creativity in your marketing team.

  1. Get More People Involved

While bringing in new people with different ideas can mean your own voice is reduced, it actually does a lot for the creative process. If only one or two people are involved, you will often find them sticking to the same old tired formulas. Engaging the services of a video strategist will also help give your team the focus it needs to find the story it wants to tell and then deliver it effectively to your audience.

  1. Take Off the Shackles

Constraining people is also the quickest way to keep creative ideas from bubbling to the surface. Giving everyone the permission to try new and exciting approaches, however weird and wacky they might seem to you, can free everyone up to explore a whole new range of ideas.

The less your team feels restricted, the more likely they are to come up with a new, creative approaches to video production.

  1. Brainstorming Ideas

Taking off the shackles moves us quite neatly onto the right way to brainstorm ideas. This works best when you get everyone together and specifically look for new ideas. Keep your session moving fast and free and you may be surprised at the gold nuggets of inspiration you come up with.

The key is to set some time aside to do this and then take a more focused look after a cooling-off period. Whittle those creative ideas down to ones that actually work and then look at them in more detail and start to plan how you will implement them.

  1. Be More Visual

Bringing a visual approach to your idea creation process can also help. Get rid of your mobile phone or laptop, get a large sheet of paper and some coloured pens and be creative with words and doodles. This kind of approach can sometimes start slowly but then explode as more ideas come flooding in.

  1. Get Out of the Office

Your office or workstation may temper your creativity. You might, for instance, be too focused or distracted by other things. Getting out of the office to a new environment should actively encourage new thinking and innovation. Whether it’s a park or your local pub, a change like this can make a big difference.

  1. Find Inspiration Online

Of course, one area to find new and creative approaches is to check online. There’s plenty of video content to stream on your smartphone and get new ideas.

  1. Always Carry a Notebook

You never know when inspiration is going to hit you. How many times have you had a good idea and not written it down and then spent the rest of the day trying to remember what it was? Always carry a notebook with you (or use your smartphone) and jot the details down whenever creative lightning strikes.

Finally, creativity is a muscle that you need to use often. Get into the habit of coming up with new approaches and ideas and get your team members to do the same. It will make your creative juices more likely to flow when you are ready to create that important brand video.