Video has become an important way for businesses of all types to reach out to their customers. A great corporate video is no small undertaking, of course. But done well it can boost engagement and set the tone for your brand. Done poorly, it can turn customers and business partners off in their droves.

Here are our quick tips on how to build a strong connection with your audience:

Know Your Audience

It may sound obvious but, as with all things marketing, you need to know who your audience is. All too often, companies produce a corporate video that is all about them. It’s about how great they are and what they deliver rather than what they do for their customers. Once you understand who your audience actually is, you can begin tailoring your approach better and focus your corporate video to the benefit of all.

Connect on an Emotional Level

Video works so well because it connects to us on such an emotional level. Despite that, many corporate videos can appear dry and uninspiring and that’s usually because the approach hasn’t been thought through. The more that you can connect on an emotional level, the more likely your video is to be watched and, just as importantly, the more likely it is to be shared on channels like social media.

What’s Your Story?

All successful corporate videos tell a story. This needs to capture the attention of viewers and hold it for the length of the video. There’s some evidence to suggest that our attention spans have become a lot shorter in recent years due to technology like smartphones but a good story will always be watched.

Keep It Short(ish)

Should you go for bite size corporate videos? The shorter the better according to some. What this means in reality is that you should keep your video focused and not have it overrun by information that is not to the point or not particularly useful to the audience. In general, good corporate videos tend to be around 3 or 4 minutes at the very most and there’s evidence that even shorter can be better. It all depends on having the right narrative and knowing what you want to say and who you are saying it to.

Show More Than Tell

You don’t have to explain everything you do in great detail. The good thing about video is that the visual can have more impact than the actual words you use. If you have a product that is at the cutting edge, show it being used rather than telling your audience how wonderful it is. Trust your viewer and what they are likely to get from your video.

Hire a Good Production Team

Finally, a good production team can mean the difference between your corporate video boring the audience to tears or really engaging them on an emotional as well as an intellectual level. They’ll have the equipment to create high quality images as well as the understanding of how to edit and put together an appealing corporate video. It’s worth the investment if you want to produce a marketing product that has the potential to endure and engage for some time to come.