The mission was clear; create a video that would entice young medical students to become GPs. Make sure it’s filmed all over the UK and represents the diversity of the British life.Tallboy loves a challenge and we rose to the occasion. We worked through extreme rain; an epic drive from the North East to mid-Wales, survived on numerous service station (so-called) meals and created tattoos where there were previously none. We stayed in places where conversation comes to a stop when strangers walk in and had chocolate cake for breakfast.

First stop, the Isle of Arran and Dr David Hogg and his team. The drone came into its own as David patiently drove up and down the deserted glen so we could get the shot. Watch behind the scenes below.

We swopped the beautiful scenery of Scotland for the pound shops of Kilburn in North London for our next location. Dr Natasha Behl Gupta allowed us into her surgery, with her busy team happy to support her showing the reality of an urban practice.

Next, to Newcastle, and we found ourselves visiting a famously proud football city just as England played Wales in Euro 2016. In the shadow of St James’ Park, we joined the throng in the local pub to watch the match. We even added our own commentary. Dr Eugene Tang welcomed us to Newcastle University and having promised us on the phone he would rustle up ‘a couple of volunteers’, he did us proud and we had a roomful of extras that really made the shoot.

We headed south on the M6, and nearly seven hours later arrived in Cardiff for our next appointment. Dr Owen Thomas is inspirational in his work in the privately run prison there and with his help, a fake sleeve of tattoos from the local party shop and a suture kit we recreated his behind-the-locked-door consultations.

Our final stop was Belfast where the lovely ladies of the city’s headache clinic greeted us with typical Northern Ireland hospitality and mugs of tea. Dr Louise Rusk persuaded her friend Joy to also be in the video – and surely a new career awaits her as she came alive in front of our camera.

Tallboy travelled nearly 3000 miles, shot over 4 hours of footage, ate at least three fast-food hamburger meals and used the time on the motorways to learn to do the John Barnes rap from New Order’s football anthem. View the video below.