This week, I celebrate my 21st wedding anniversary. Although a filmmaker all my adult life, no video exists of my nuptials.

Research company IBIS estimates the total US wedding industry employs nearly a million people and is worth a whopping $51 billion dollars. But wedding videos – although common on the bride’s must-have list, reflect the bigger trends in the corporate video world.

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Video Production for Weddings

To make a wedding video, just like a corporate video, there has to be a certain amount of planning. The cameraman can’t just pitch up at the church or venue and start filming. Even a cursory recce may not be enough – a church full of metre high flower arrangements looks different from an empty nave with the flowers spoiling the view.

Because a wedding is a live event, one camera is never enough. In a corporate video, it is possible to use one camera and to get the participants go through their tasks again (and again). It’s not really possible to get the bride to walk down the aisle two or three times just so the camera can get the shot from several different angles.

To keep the wedding’s spontaneity, events can only be captured once – hence the need for both planning and different cameras and methods of filming.

So just like a corporate video, the cost of a wedding video is governed by three things – the tools (as discussed above), the talent of the person producing and shooting the video and the time it takes to film, edit and finish it. To see more on talent, tools and time costs visit our pricing page.

Sadly for many cameramen working in the video industry, the price doesn’t reflect the time and effort put in.  Seventy or eighty hours of editing is not unheard for a wedding video, let alone the time spent on the day, from capturing the bride getting ready to the last guest stumbling out of the reception in the early dawn.

One cameraman I know decided to keep a record of his hours – and at the end of the year was shocked to find he was working for just a fraction above the hourly minimum wage. When he took into account the cost of maintaining his equipment (including his car so he could get to the weddings), he realized it was actually costing him money to work.

Although the wedding video industry is an extreme example, it’s a disturbing trend in the corporate video world, where to create something reflecting a brand in the best possible way takes time and talent.

The wedding video may only be viewed once or twice, but a customer facing corporate video may be displayed on your website available to a global audience. Just as making a marriage successful means investing in time with your spouse, wouldn’t it make sense to invest in your corporate video?

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