Get ready for the UK’s first ever £1 billion shopping day.  The American phenomenon known as Black Friday falls this week with retail analysts predicting British shoppers will spend £200 million more than last year – taking the total in the tills to 7 figures.

The day after the thanksgiving holiday in the US, it was traditionally the day when the Christmas shopping season started. It was known as Black Friday as it was the first day of the year when retailers’ balance sheets went out of the red and into black – that is, they began to make a profit.

Although now the best deals are often Internet based, the image that definitely wasn’t included in the 2014 corporate video for Asda was this one.  It summed up Black Friday in the UK last year; people fighting over flat screen TVs.

Asda appears to have realized that while a bargain comes once and is snapped up, the image is for life. A Google search for Black Friday will show the above picture from several angles, all referencing Asda.  There’s even video, complete with screaming. Click here to watch

Perhaps mindful of what happened in 2014, the US-based giant says it’s not participating this year, even though then it sold eight thousand TVs before breakfast and made 130 sales per second throughout the day.  That it’s prepared to give up that sort of revenue shows it understand the old saying that a picture is worth a thousand words.

It’s new, far more customer-based corporate videos and images, concentrates on Asda being filled with helpful people, not cheap stock.

This Year, ASDAs #becauseitschristmas campaign, seeks to build the brand reputation and show the brand to be down-to-earth, playful and upbeat showing normal people doing normal things, with a British sense of humour at Christmas. It attempts to reconnect with the UK public and dispel any lasting images of Black Friday riots.

While the John Lewis Ad may make you cry, the ASDA Ad may make you chuckle.  Video content is a powerful way to create an emotional response, change perception and build a reputation. A well-made promotional video tells a carefully-crafted story and guides the viewer through a series of emotional responses, video is undoubtedly the most powerful way to communicate your brand message.

Done well, video content can take the viewer on an emotional journey that may change or reinforce their view. It can be so impactful that it makes the news, gets mentioned down the pub, or goes viral on-line, hopefully for all the right reasons, and can make or break a brand.

Analysts will reinforce their case for participation in Black Friday with numbers showing greater consumer spend or, in the case of online sites, increased visits. However, for many brands, It’s more about the long game and ensuring the image portrayed generates customer loyalty.

Having a near-riot at your store – even if it’s only one store – can undo months of good work and thousands of pounds spent building your brand.