The Tallboy team went on the road last week; we clocked up over 1000 miles visiting the far corners of the UK.  A road trip is always fun with some amazing places to see and some fantastic people to meet. And being on the road also gives a more authentic look for a corporate video. While there’s plenty of stock video footage available to buy, filming the corporate video on location gives a different depth to the finished film that can’t be achieved any other way.

Sending the crew on the road can be expensive and so to make the most of the shoot it’s important to plan ahead. With Google maps, it’s the easiest it has ever been to virtually scout the locations – we can see if the office we’re driving or flying to looks beautiful or if we will have to ‘fix it in post’. However, we can’t see the interiors – and so when setting up the interviews, a quick photo taken on a phone can help us enormously.


While planning can be done so nothing is overlooked, even Tallboy can’t control the weather. This trip, we started in the morning in Belfast with beautiful sunshine – but by the time we got to the second location 70 miles away, it was chucking down hailstones. The key to a successful location shoot is flexibility – the hail didn’t last long, but it did mean we had to re-order the shoot and that relied on the good will of our participants. They were super-nice about it and remembered the key thing about making a corporate video – no one will die!

That flexibility also means communication becomes vital on the road; we can plan an itinerary, but traffic, flight delays and simple incompetent map reading can mean the best-laid plans sometimes go array. Pre-production means making sure we have all the contact details and a willingness for each participant to go with the flow to a certain extent.

The Tallboy team are experienced travellers; there’s nothing we like better than a road trip. It may sound glamorous, but the reality is service station food; sometimes very dodgy hotels, long hours in the car or waiting at airports and days that start at 6m and end when they end, often 14 or 18 hours later. But the rewards are enormous both for the Tallboy team and the finished corporate video; the participants feel they are fully involved in the corporate message and we’ve all experienced something unique.

The cost of taking your corporate video on the road will not only buy you a fantastic authentic video, but will reinforce the feeling of teamwork, involvement and belonging. And that’s for both you the client, and the Tallboy team!

On the road