Whenever any business chooses to invest money in a marketing strategy, they want a good return on investment. Sharing video content and telling your own brand story in a more imaginative way is fast becoming top of many company marketing lists.

Get it right and you can reach a much wider audience than you could ever hope with written content.

  • Putting a video on your landing page can improve conversions significantly. The conversion rate is particularly high for products such as electronics and jewellery.
  • Most companies that have used a carefully thought out strategy of video content marketing have seen a decent or above average return on investment.
  • All content marketing is about building trust with your potential customers. Video marketing allows you to find more intimate and personal ways of engaging with your audience. It often works on a more visceral level than written content and slick sales patter.

Finally, social media and search engines like Google love video content. Not only are people more likely to share videos on platforms like Twitter and Facebook, instant streaming can bring your brand to life in front of just the right people. Google’s algorithms give preference to video content that is relevant to their customer searches so if you can get your meta tags and descriptions right you should find yourself standing out from the crowd.

Video is Perfect for Mobile

Just a few years ago, if someone wanted to view a video they’d have to open their pc and click on the play button. Mobile phones are now much more sophisticated. We can watch videos on the move, when and where we want, and that’s made video marketing a powerful and far reaching tool. Video consumption on mobile devices has been going up rapidly for the last four or five years.

Consumers are more likely to watch a whole ‘explainer’ video on their mobile phone than they are to sit down and read a bunch of sales blurb written on a landing page. You can also get greater detail into your short video than you can with any other medium. You can show your product working, you instantly reveal the brilliant results and you can expand on your content to provide real value to potential customers.

Shareable Content

Probably the biggest change when it comes to video content is how it can be shared. If you have fans they can act as ambassadors by sending your latest video to their friends and followers. You can use the power of pay per click advertising to reach the exact demographics who will be interested in your product and then have your video appear on their timelines.

The key to success is creating the entertaining content that people are going to want to watch and share. That’s not as easy as it looks and requires you to bring together your marketing strategy with high production values. That doesn’t necessarily mean spending thousands on quality videos but ensuring you develop content that hits the mark with your potential customers from the outset.

Not only does video content marketing help you reach a wider audience, it gives you the chance to get your message across clearly and engagingly. If you want to send your business to the next level, it’s time to start thinking about his powerful medium and how you can best utilise it.