It’s one of life’s tough decisions – how do I choose the video production company that will produce the best video for me? And the decision is even more tough if technology leaves you cold – how are you supposed to know if HD is better than 3D? Never fear – just follow our top tips and choosing the right company couldn’t be easier!

1. Personal recommendation

Ask around. Ask your colleagues, your customers and your friends. As with a builder, using a company that comes with a personal recommendation is a sure fire way to knowing you are dealing with a good company.

If you can’t get a personal recommendation, look on the video company’s website. Many companies will carry personal testimonials from their clients. A good video company will be happy to put you in touch with those clients so you can ask them about their experiences.

2. Consider how professional the company is

Does it return your phone calls within your time frame? Is its website updated regularly? It’s its literature professionally presented? When you call, are its staff courteous and informed? If not, then how can you expect it to treat your production any differently? Of course you want them to be technically minded and creative, but you need a company that puts your needs and goals above their own.

3. Be clear on your requirements.

If you are making a movie in 3 continents, then you will need a company that can handle that kind of logistics. If the company’s website seems to have mainly local clients, then it may not be right for your job. That’s not to say a small company can’t do a big job – but you do need to have assurances that they have the right facilities and people in place.

4. Chemistry is important

Making a video can be stressful, and can take you out of your comfort zone. Therefore you want to be working with people who you like. If you are planning on spending 12 hours with the video team away from home on location, you want to make sure you get on with them. It’s vital you understand exactly who you will be working with – you may get on very well with the MD of the video company, but once the shoot starts, never see them. Making a video is a team process – and you want to feel at the heart of that team.