Welcome to our Summer Blockbuster Magazine! In this issue we shine the spotlight on budget and how important it is to consider the ROI that you need from your video. What results are you hoping for? How will you define success and have you set a realistic budget to achieve this? We cover all the important aspects of business video ROI in our latest magazine…

Summer Blockbuster Magazine Insights

Return on investment (ROI) is key in business. What you put in should generate profits several times your original cost. So, in Hollywood, the sign of a successful movie is no Oscar night, its about the ROI.

The average successful Hollywood movie earns about four and a half times its original budget in global box office revenues, around 450% ROI.

The same rules apply when making a corporate video. What return do you want from you investment in the film?  The cost of making a video should be viewed in the context of what you need it to do.

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