Spring is a great time to freshen up a lot of things, everything from your garden to your home and updating your wardrobe for the coming summer. It’s also the perfect moment to take a new look at your business marketing.

We’re into the new tax year and many businesses are looking at their operating budgets over the next 12 months. Most of the effort in marketing, particularly for smaller and medium size companies, goes into areas like social media and pay per click advertising because they are economical. More and more companies, however, are putting a greater amount of their operating budget aside for developing video marketing.

Why? In the right hands and with the right concept, it can add power to your advertising and provide a strong return on investment.

The Benefits of Video Marketing

We love watching videos and smartphones are the perfect tools for getting our daily fix. Billions of videos are watched on sites such as YouTube and platforms like Facebook each month. It’s by far the most popular content online at the moment, and most marketers now agree that it can lead to much improved conversions and sales for those companies that use it.

Indeed, YouTube report that mobile video viewings are increasing by 100% each year.

Of course, it’s the cost that many businesses first consider when it comes to options such as video. While it may be desirable, there are budgetary implications if you want to create something that really hits the mark.

There are two points here: First, the cost of video marketing has come down considerably in the last few years, even for small and medium size businesses. Second, there’s a good return on investment if you make good choices.

  • Because it’s a lot more engaging than written content (and more likely to be viewed), video can help build trust with your brand a lot quicker.
  • It’s also the most likely type of content to be shared. You can post it in a variety of places, not just your own website – there’s social media for a start as well as video sharing sites.
  • On top of that, search engines like Google love video and it can therefore improve your rankings and visibility online.

You can explain a lot more in a shorter space of time with a video. Keeping someone’s attention is the most important challenges that brands and marketing departments face. There’s so much competition out there that the quicker you can get your message across the better.

Video is the perfect medium for doing this and it’s highly entertaining if you have good production values and get your message just right.

Adding More Video to Your Marketing

If you’re sitting down this Spring to review your marketing approach and you don’t include video in your budget, you may well be missing out on a powerful tool that can deliver a good return on investment and better sales. Produce the right content and you can expect better engagement and a marketing product that has real impact and sustainability for some while to come. It’s worth taking a good hard look at video if you haven’t considered it before.