Spring is a time of year where the days are getting longer and lighter, it’s the perfect time to think about refreshing your corporate communications and to clear out the clutter. Perhaps you need to refocus on your story? Rethink which messages matter? Who are they aimed at and how can you reach the right people at the right time?

Annual budgets have usually bedded in by now, and if you have been considering refreshing your corporate video, it’s likely that by Spring you have an idea of what budget you have available to invest in this.

Spring brings new beginnings, now is the time to think through your communications strategy and seed some new ideas, so that you and your business can reap the benefits in the year ahead.

Here are five steps you can take to spring-clean your corporate communications.

1. Dust down your communications plan 

When was the last time you reviewed your communications plan? Perhaps it’s been a while and the carefully crafted plan that you penned last year has been gathering dust.  It’s time to take stock and see what was achieved and what is still to do, and what needs to change.

Wrting a Corporate Video Production Brief

2. Freshen up your messages

Are the messages still relevant? Are you speaking to the same audience? Has anything changed in the external or internal environment that means that they need to be changed? How much change is needed – a small edit to the core messages or a fundamental overhaul of your communications strategy?

3. Get organised

Take a fresh look at what your business needs to achieve over the coming months. What are your goals? How best should these be prioritised? How will you measure this success? What barriers to success need to be overcome and how will you do this? Do you have the right resources to achieve what you need to do? Do you have the correct equipment?

4. Give your approach an airing 

Is it time to re-think your methods? Are you relying on tried and tested methods to get your message out there? Maybe it’s time to review your video distribution strategy. Are you embracing the latest trends in marketing video content?


5. Get Help

Whilst it can be enormously satisfying to have an annual clean out and re-focus, it takes time, skill, and an objective perspective to do a thorough job, which will really cut out the clutter. Be realistic, are you able to take yourself away from your day–to-day commitments to do justice to a communicationss strategy review?

Spring clean your corporate communications, do more of what works and less of what doesn’t and bring a fresh approach to your communications goals for a successful year ahead.