This summer’s blockbuster is Jurassic World – the 4th in the Jurassic Park franchise and featuring human-munching dinosaurs and the bloodcurdling screams of female lead Bryce Dallas Howard. On paper, it should do well; the other films were both money-making box office hits. What’s not to like – it’s about dinosaurs and kids running around with scary sequences designed to make the audience jump. But Hollywood has learned the hard way of relying on just the theory. It knows making the film is the easy part – it’s getting people into movie theatres to see it that takes the effort.

John Carter, Disney’s 2012 epic adventure movie, is generally regarded as a failure, mainly because of the way the film was marketed. Although the story was based on a series of novels by Tarzan author Edgar Rice Burroughs, neither the promotional trailer or the posters mentioned him. A whole would-be audience of Burroughs’ fans didn’t bother to come. In terms of a distribution strategy, this one had a few holes.

Your video is the same. If you want to maximize the return on investment from making the video, then it’s important to understand how to get people to see it. Right from the start, before you even shoot a frame, talk to us to make sure you have a strategy that includes distribution. At Tallboy, we’re proud of the videos we make, and we want to help you make sure they’re seen by the greatest number of people.

We’re often asked to make a viral video. A video won’t just go viral when it’s just put on YouTube. You need a marketing plan. You need to target sites where the right audience visits. You need to focus on bloggers and forums and get them to be your biggest marketers. Tallboy can work with you to plan exactly how your video will be seen by the right audience and how your ROI will be maximized.

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A brilliant example of getting people to watch their film is what happened to Sony and its film The Interview. Starring Seth Rogen and James Franco, the pair play journalists instructed to assassinate North Korean leader Kim Jong-un.

In the six months leading up to the premiere, the North Korean government threatened ‘merciless action’ against the United States if the film was released. A month before, Sony’s computers were hacked by a group believed to have ties to North Korea. Sony immediately cancelled the theatrical release, instead making it available for online rental.

As well as saving Sony millions of dollars on marketing, The Interview is its most successful digital release ever. The film received mixed reviews – one critic calling it “cinematic waterboarding”.