Travel anywhere by tube or train, and it’s likely you’ll see at least half of your fellow passengers using their smartphones or tablets to catch up on Game of Thrones or Graham Norton’s latest show. Another good few fellow passengers will be watching snippets of video supplied by their morning online newspaper. Others will be mindlessly playing Candy Crush. If you really lucky, you might see someone actually reading a real-life printed book.

Corporate Video for Mobile Devices

According to the latest research, we’re all expected to spend around 3 hours and 15 minutes per day on our mobile devices. With around 2 billion mobile Internet users on the planet – well, you do the math in terms of just how much data is both used and generated.

Advertisers use the data to target each individual – every time we click on a site or perhaps don’t click on a site, the data generated contains behavioural information about us.

However, when you want to tell your story in a corporate video, the measurement of data that is important is whether your video can be seen. The CEO of Ericsson Hans Vestberg predicted video will generate half of all mobile data traffic in 2016. And although the UK government promised in 2009 the whole of the UK would have Internet access by 2012, there are still many rural areas with extremely poor speeds – and therefore can’t access videos without the dreaded buffering.

To solve this issue, Tallboy has invested in our very own mega Internet pipe to allowing us to send videos and raw camera footage quickly without interruption.

In 2010, the London Stock Exchange claimed the record for the world’s fastest stock exchange – then the average time taken to complete a trade was 126 microseconds. Fast-forward to 2016 and that crown is claimed by the Bombay Stock Exchange, which completes trades in just six microseconds. Money now moves so fast that completing a trade in the old world record could lose a trader millions of pounds.

And it’s the same with video – Tallboy’s mega-pipe means we can send your corporate video in super-fast time, guaranteed to be delivered in a fraction of the time, without the connection dropping our half way or having to share the band-width with other uses. Our very own leased line allows us to send corporate videos and raw footage from our cameras all around the UK as well as halfway across the world and beyond in the same time.

The world is moving fast in 2016 – and so is Tallboy.