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The Southampton Marine and Maritime Institute is an internationally recognised centre of excellence for research and innovation bringing together 350 academics across multiple university faculties. The breadth of research is vast and includes all aspects of the natural ocean environment and human uses of the sea.  Examples of areas of expertise include ship design, marine robotics and underwater archaeology – to name but a few.

The brief

As a relatively new institute sitting outside the conventional faculty structure and sited across multiple campuses, SMMI needed to assert its identity both to academics as well as businesses at home and abroad.

There were multiple audiences with different interests and agendas. For the internal audience, SMMI hoped to excite academics intellectually to highlight the benefits of working with colleagues across different disciplines to unlock new solutions as well as tapping into cross-disciplinary funding sources.

For the external market – SMMI wanted to demonstrate the enormous success it has enjoyed innovating on behalf of businesses providing an external R&D function. We needed to create videos that would resonate with these distinct audiences providing clear calls to action.

Our Approach

Working with SMMI – we decided to make two short videos targeted at specific audiences.  Although some of the filming would serve both videos – the story and the messages were very different with each video featuring success stories from each of the target markets.

The videos were enhanced by the fascinating case studies which demonstrated the breadth of  SMMI interests.  The internal video focused on a marine archaeologist investigating marine travel 50,000 years ago as well as an earth scientist involved in pioneering research to turn harmful CO2 into limestone.

The strength of the films came from the passion of the interviewees themselves on the cusp of really innovative research. The interviews were so engaging – we structured the videos without commentary.  Graphics encapsulated the breadth of SMMI and reinforced key messages.

In order to make the most of the available budget we recut the material to make additional case studies videos for some of the individual segments of SMMI.

The Result

“Getting our message across to both our internal and external audiences is a major challenge. Simon and his team quickly understood this challenge and developed immediate solutions that worked as well as offering valuable insights for our longer term communication.

The production process was smooth and non-intrusive. The editing process was quick and they responded really positively to our feedback. Ultimately we got five videos for the price of one or two from other potential suppliers. Great value and an impressive product. We will be working with them again.”

Dr Simon Gerrard, Industrial Liaison Manager, Southampton Marine and Maritime Institute (SMMI)




Predict Ability Limited (PAL) is the result of a two year collaboration between an award-winning Earth Scientist, a Chemical Engineer and a Financial IT Consultant. The company has developed an algorithm that cross references intricate insurance data to predict severe floods, droughts and hurricanes.

Predict Ability Limited (PAL) is the result of a two year collaboration between an award-winning Earth Scientist, a Chemical Engineer and a Financial IT Consultant. The company has developed an algorithm that cross references intricate insurance data to predict severe floods, droughts and hurricanes.

The brief:

PAL Ltd were looking for two video that would

  1.  Explain how they use their algorithm to predict natural disasters
  2.  Demonstrate the app and its key benefits

The software tools were targeted at insurance companies to assist in their disaster planning and mitigation.

Aimed at top level insurance industry CEOs, specialist journalists, and hedge fund managers the objectives of the video were threefold.

  • To bring attention to their research and the raise of climate change
  • Show how insurers can save money with their natural disaster predictions
  • To attract potential buyers for the company and its app

The videos were produced within a week as the founders wanted to launch their new website ion time for the climate change talks in Paris. You can watch them below or you can view them here

The approach:

The initial time was spent with the founders of the company to get their message right. Their research is complicated and to produce a 90 second video the message had to be simplified but not dumbed down. On camera presentation training was given to get their message across in a succinct way.

We decided to film the founders of PAL in a green screen studio. We combined footage of disasters such as floods, droughts and hurricanes with the interview clips. We recreated their analytics and data in the form of on-screen graphics to give gravitas to the message.

Music was added to build engagement and to heighten emotional appeal. The video content is very technical and it was important to use industry specific vocabulary, in the correct way for the film to have sufficient credibility. The script was written in stand-alone quotable sections and delivered to camera in sound bites for increased impact.

First Penthouse

First Penthouse

First Penthouse

First Penthouse is a unique, innovative rooftop property development company that turns underused rooftop spaces into residential properties. They use off-site build methods to create bespoke penthouses that can be installed with minimal disruption.

The Brief:

Tallboy was invited to produce a series of corporate videos to showcase the work and processes of First Penthouse. The films needed to demonstrate the business model and the property development opportunity and the sophisticated nature of the build process. This series of corporate films were to be shown to potential investor and clients.

The Approach:

We used a combination of interviews with key players, interior and exterior footage, time-lapse, CGI and aerial filming to capture the process from first concepts to building installation. The shooting was planned to take place over a few key days, both during daytime and nighttime to document the building milestones with maximum impact.

The Results:

First Penthouse were delighted with the results and gave Tallboy the following testimonial. “We are so pleased with the wonderful videos you have produced for us. Thank you so much for the time, effort and hard work you put into the project – it was a long one and we got there in the end! We are thrilled with the final results and can’t wait to start using them.”

Age UK Richmond

Age UK Richmond

Age UK Richmond

The brief:

Age UK Richmond wanted to showcase its services for older people in their community and commissioned Tallboy to conceive and produce a short film to highlight what they do, called ‘Love Later Life’.

The film would be the centrepiece of a special fundraising and awareness event at the Olympic Studios cinema in Barnes, South West London. Plus feature on the charities website.

The Objective:

The aim of the film was to celebrate the positive difference Age UKs makes to the lives of older people in Richmond and to communicate this to potential and existing funders.

The challenge:

As a charity, Age UK has a limited budget to spend and the video needed to deliver measurable results and demonstrate good return on Investment.

The approach:

Tallboy worked in close consultation with Age UK to come up with a treatment that  would be powerful and emotive with a friendly tone and contemporary feel whilst integrating into the charity’s latest brand refresh, Love Later Life.  The film concentrated on hearing from older people themselves and produced a five-minute video featuring them talking about the services available in the community to support their wellbeing.

What was the distribution strategy?

Tallboy uploaded the film to YouTube. We optimised the channel for Age UK Richmond, including uploading logo and artwork, linking to its social media links, writing the description and tags. Tallboy also advised on the marketing of the video, it was maximised across Age UK Richmond’s social media networks, such as Twitter, FaceBook, Google+ and YouTube.  This all has helped drive traffic back to the Age UK Richmond web site. We also created and embedded the video on a special landing page on the charities web site. At the launch event at the Olympic Studios cinema in Barnes, SW London, Tallboy specially made a Blu-ray disc as well as volunteered its services and resources to make a video about the launch.

The result:

The film was used on many different platforms and seen by a wide variety of audiences resulting in a 38% increase in web traffic driven by social media, a 48% increase in number of clients using charged-for services and a 6% increase in donations.

However, one very important outcome for Age UK Richmond was as a result of the film, it received a direct grant of £8,000 from The Porter’s Trust. Although this may not be seen as a huge sum of money, for a small charity like Age UK Richmond, it is vital.

Age UK Richmond also says the film has increased brand awareness. Staff and volunteers say viewers report the film brings a real feel good factor about their organization and ageing.  Age UK Richmond also say it has helped differentiate them to being seen as a local charity and not the national organisation Age UK, which is important for them when generating funds.

The “Love Later Live’ video also used in a campaign to enter the Richmond Business Awards 2014 in which AgeUK won the People’s Choice Award. (

‘The film shows some of the issues faced by older people but really focuses on how we make a difference so they can love later life. I feel the film strikes a nice balance. I think the new tag line ‘love later life’ has huge mileage and relevance. Thank you so much Talboy!”

Stephanie Mackenzie

Marketing Co-ordinator at Age UK Richmond

“…it’s been a great experience. We have used it such a lot over the last 8 months or so, showing it to several different audiences. It has been well received by everyone who’s seen it…”

Sandra Morrison

Chief Officer, Age UK Richmond




The Bartlett School of Construction & Project Management is an international centre of excellence in the teaching and research of project management and economics. They supply project-based organisations with exceptional graduates, and lead research in the field. They are part of The Bartlett: UCL’s global faculty of the built environment.

The brief:

The Bartlett School of Construction and Project Management needed a set of promotional videos to encourage and inform prospective students on the different courses available. The Bartlett’s courses are aimed at people of all ages and stages of their careers.   It was therefore vital that each video would be as engaging to a forty year old as it would be to a twenty year old.

Each course was to have its own video, which meant every video had to be impactful and succinct, while retaining its own distinct feel.

The Approach:

For these promotional videos, we decided that the best way to capture the merits of each course was to have alumni share their stories and experiences in an informal chat session.  We assembled 2-3 past students for each video, and together they discussed their reasons for taking the course, their experiences on it, and how it has benefitted their careers since. The videos were hosted on the relevant course sections of the UCL website, and promoted across social media.