Wandsworth Council

Children Looked After Education Support Service (CLAESS) is part of Wandsworth Council’s Childrens’ Services, who support looked after children in their education.

The brief:

CLAESS wanted to make a professionally produced short film on looked after young people’s experiences of education, which would be used for training purposes. The film would include interviews with around 6 young people as well as some film of the young people taking part in educational activities.

The Approach:

We approached this project by breaking the content of the film up into six case studies or modules, as we felt six short films would have more impact than one long film. A series of modules would be well suited to training purposes allowing the trainer to select the most relevant module for the audience and to spark discussion.

We made this film in a documentary style where the young person tells their story. The style would be simple, yet powerful. We included film cutaway footage of the child out and about near home or school to make each case study more visually interesting.