University of Southampton


The Southampton Marine and Maritime Institute is an internationally recognised centre of excellence for research and innovation bringing together 350 academics across multiple university faculties. The breadth of research is vast and includes all aspects of the natural ocean environment and human uses of the sea.  Examples of areas of expertise include ship design, marine robotics and underwater archaeology – to name but a few.

The brief

As a relatively new institute sitting outside the conventional faculty structure and sited across multiple campuses, SMMI needed to assert its identity both to academics as well as businesses at home and abroad.

There were multiple audiences with different interests and agendas. For the internal audience, SMMI hoped to excite academics intellectually to highlight the benefits of working with colleagues across different disciplines to unlock new solutions as well as tapping into cross-disciplinary funding sources.

For the external market – SMMI wanted to demonstrate the enormous success it has enjoyed innovating on behalf of businesses providing an external R&D function. We needed to create videos that would resonate with these distinct audiences providing clear calls to action.

Our Approach

Working with SMMI – we decided to make two short videos targeted at specific audiences.  Although some of the filming would serve both videos – the story and the messages were very different with each video featuring success stories from each of the target markets.

The videos were enhanced by the fascinating case studies which demonstrated the breadth of  SMMI interests.  The internal video focused on a marine archaeologist investigating marine travel 50,000 years ago as well as an earth scientist involved in pioneering research to turn harmful CO2 into limestone.

The strength of the films came from the passion of the interviewees themselves on the cusp of really innovative research. The interviews were so engaging – we structured the videos without commentary.  Graphics encapsulated the breadth of SMMI and reinforced key messages.

In order to make the most of the available budget we recut the material to make additional case studies videos for some of the individual segments of SMMI.

The Result

“Getting our message across to both our internal and external audiences is a major challenge. Simon and his team quickly understood this challenge and developed immediate solutions that worked as well as offering valuable insights for our longer term communication.

The production process was smooth and non-intrusive. The editing process was quick and they responded really positively to our feedback. Ultimately we got five videos for the price of one or two from other potential suppliers. Great value and an impressive product. We will be working with them again.”

Dr Simon Gerrard, Industrial Liaison Manager, Southampton Marine and Maritime Institute (SMMI)