The Bartlett School of Construction & Project Management is an international centre of excellence in the teaching and research of project management and economics. They supply project-based organisations with exceptional graduates, and lead research in the field. They are part of The Bartlett: UCL’s global faculty of the built environment.

The brief:

The Bartlett School of Construction and Project Management needed a set of promotional videos to encourage and inform prospective students on the different courses available. The Bartlett’s courses are aimed at people of all ages and stages of their careers.   It was therefore vital that each video would be as engaging to a forty year old as it would be to a twenty year old.

Each course was to have its own video, which meant every video had to be impactful and succinct, while retaining its own distinct feel.

The Approach:

For these promotional videos, we decided that the best way to capture the merits of each course was to have alumni share their stories and experiences in an informal chat session.  We assembled 2-3 past students for each video, and together they discussed their reasons for taking the course, their experiences on it, and how it has benefitted their careers since. The videos were hosted on the relevant course sections of the UCL website, and promoted across social media.