Signalling Solutions

Signalling Solutions is a leader in the provision of train control solutions in the UK, offering a complete range of services from design to full project delivery.

The brief:

The client required a promotional film designed primarily for use at a trade show events and online to promote the unique offering of Signalling Solutions. The video needed to be visually striking, with a strong, futuristic feel consistent with imagery across the company’s existing branding.

The Approach:

We used sophisticated full 3D imaging with Elegant transitions between scenes to create a narrative flowing from visual connections between each image including dramatic ‘camera’ moves to add to the overall polish, finesse and impact of the film.

In terms of visual style, the film maintains the futuristic, fluorescent blue line effect of the existing branding on the clients print campaign, The futuristic 3D treatment is enhanced by including segues into real word action, demonstrating the benefits that Signalling Solutions brings to rail operators and passengers on the ground.

On-screen text was used to reinforce the connection between each macro image and the real world scene into which it transitions – e.g. ‘Proven technology keeps your customers moving on time…’

“I’d be more than happy to work with Tallboy again. I’m confident about the end result, they’re very creative guys who do a very good job and I’d be happy to recommend them to other organisations”

Gary Lewis

Product Business Manager, Signalling Solutions