The Brief:

The Royal College of Nursing welcomes its new recruits with a two-day induction course and wanted to make a video showing what life was like within the organization. Their original brief was to make one 10-minute video with several different people in it, highlighting the variety of careers in the RCN.

In our original pitch meeting, Tallboy suggested because the induction course was two days, there was scope to use the same budget and make four shorter videos which could be played throughout the 48 hour period.  Shorter videos would hold the audience’s attention better and would also serve as a natural break from the other presentations within the induction course. The RCN agreed this was a good approach and we were commissioned.

The Approach:

The RCN is a vast organisation with a huge variety of staff and locations. The most difficult thing was to agree on which members should be featured and where we were able to film and still remain in budget. The RCN had no real fixed ideas of what the films should look like, and were happy to be guided by us, so we suggested we used the staff members telling their own stories in their own words. We finally agreed on six staff members in four locations and our first filming day was at the RCN Call Centre in Cardiff. Two ladies had agreed to be on camera, and we began the day with sit down interviews where we gently took both of them through their day, their career path, their reasons for working at the RCN and why they loved the job. We’d done our homework before and we knew not only did we want to film the ladies actually doing their job, but also we wanted to show how the RCN supports its employees and how it is a great place to work. The whole team in Cardiff could not have been more welcoming and we had a great days filming. We also shot in London and in Nottingham

The result:

We produced four two and a half minute videos which reflected the RCN and the wide variety of work that it does. The look and feel of them was the same, but each one was a different story and reflected the personalities of the people involved