Pinnacle Furniture specialise in providing furniture and fittings for educational establishments. They combine specialist knowledge, design creativity, enthusiasm and to bring spaces to life.

The brief:

Pinnacle were looking for a series of case study videos that could showcase some successful projects that they had masterminded recently. Each video case study needed to show the project highlights, its challenges, the location and the scope of what was required. They also wanted to include an interview with the client to show what they liked about the project.

The Approach:

Pinnacle specialise in the education sector, which means that their clients are schools. We wanted to film at a school location that showed as much of a real-life scenario as possible, which meant filming during a school day. We decided to showcase a new state of the art Sixth form space, using track and jib to enhance the visual experience and to create a sense of movement and vibrancy of the space.