hVIVO is a rapidly growing UK life sciences company pioneering a technology platform which uses human models of disease to study new drugs and investigate disease in a safe, controlled environment.

The brief:

hVIVo were looking to develop a short (30s to 1m) corporate video to show the move from the old company name and brand of Retroscreen Virology to the new name and brand of hVIVO. The video would be used to communicate the new company name and branding to employees, customers, partners and investors, and would be shown on line and at company events.

The Approach:

The corporate video shows the old Retroscreen Virology logo morphing into the new hVIVO logo using motion graphics and animation. The video also included sections of scientific footage, taken from previous work, to add some visual variation and to set some context about the work of hVIVO.  A scripted series of titles are used across the images to explain the rebrand.

“Retroscreen have commissioned a number of audio visual projects with Tallboy Communications now, including both external/public and internal staff communications. They are a professional organisation that have delivered well, on time, and in budget. And all in a pragmatic, practical and customer-focused manner. I would recommend them to any business looking for a reliable and creative audio-visual partner.”

Colin Paterson

Director of Marketing, Communication and Public Relations, Retroscreen Virology