GSK is a science led global health care company with a goal to help people do more, feel better and live longer. They were launching a new innovative toothpaste called Aquafresh.

The Brief:

The client wanted a product launch video that would show the new toothpaste brand to be exciting, cutting-edge and highly desirable so that the audience would be wowed and want to try the toothpaste.

The Approach:

As this was a new product launch we were not able to get any footage of the product being used in real life.  We used a motion graphics approach to show the product in an innovative and technical way and edited in product shots that had been taken during previous focus group discussions about the new toothpaste.

“Tallboy has always been extremely sensitive to our deadlines however tight they have been at times!   We have always felt confident when starting a project that budgets will be adhered to as Tallboy has always worked with us to meet our expectations, offering alternative options where necessary to help us to achieve our desired outcome. We have a great relationship with Tallboy and have learned so much working with them.” 

Lynsey Dear

Account Manager, GSK