Grundon Green

Grundon is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of integrated waste management and environmental solutions, working in partnership with customers to help minimise the financial and environmental impacts of their waste.  The requirement was for film to be displayed in the Green Redeem kiosk to encourage people to recycle.

The Brief:

Grundon Waste Management required a short (25-35 sec) corporate video to be displayed in their new ‘Green Redeem’ kiosks to attract passers-by to engage with the machine. The video needed to appeal to people from a broad audience range, with the 16-24 and family demographic being especially important.  The film needed to be simple, clear, visually appealing and above all attract ‘on the go’ passers-by to engage with the Green Redeem kiosk.

The Approach:

We used Motion Graphics and in order to give the film a clear, visual focus we created a central character to guide the viewer through the narrative: Canman. It was important to give the film a wide-ranging appeal that extended beyond different gender/ethnicity/age categories, so a non-human character was developed. The animation style used was clean and clear and at the same time included enough detail to lend the character an engaging, comic personality. The film was created in a primarily 2D animation style, with a slight retro/vintage feel to dovetail with the warm, ‘organic’ feel of many campaigns associated with the environmental sector. We used a fairly restrained colour palette – limiting ourselves to the same, predominantly green and white palette present in Green Redeem’s kiosk design and web visual assets