Fox’s Biscuits

Fox’s Biscuits is one of the UK’s leading biscuit brands. Established over 160 years ago in northern England they now have manufacturing sites in West Yorkshire and Staffordshire.

The Brief:

Fox’s Biscuits was launching the UK’s first biscuit and tea tasting guide to help people get maximum enjoyment out of their biscuit and tea breaks by showing them which teas best complement the flavours of specific biscuits.

To launch this guide, Fox’s engaged the celebrity designer Pearl Lowe to host an intimate and exclusive biscuit and tea tasting master class for journalists and Fox’s trade customers.

The requirement was for an upbeat and fun edited promotional video to summarise the event and show how the biscuit and tea tasting master class works. The video was to be shown on Fox’s website and uploaded onto YouTube

The Approach:

Tallboy filmed the event in central London and put together a short film of highlights. We filmed this in the style of a 1920s tea party, which linked nicely to theme of the launch.