We had a very exiting shoot today for UNICEF! We recorded a studio based discussion, where three experts talked and debated opinions on the well being of adolescent girls in the developing world. The moderator was David Eades, one of the most familiar faces on BBC World News TV.

Our day started with a meeting between the participants, the moderator, our producer and the representative for UNICEF. They started to discuss the subject in order to work out what topics and issues should be included, and the structure of how the debate will flow.

Our TV make-up artist, Natalie James, arrived, and started to take care of our guests, in order to make them look perfect for the camera. No shiny skin, no fly-away hair remained!

Corporate Video Production Diary March 2015 Image 2

We then made our way to the studio, Broadly Studios, which was just down the road, thanks to the production’s good organisation.

The whole technical team was waiting for them in the studio, ready to record. The team was made of 3 cameramen, and one sound recordist. They had set 3 cameras to focus on the participants and one in the centre for a wide shot. In the background, we put 5 big images representing the subject. Those images were slightly blurred, in order not to dominant the background and over shadow the studio guests.

Corporate Video Production Diary March 2015 Image 3

We then started to record, the discussion being recorded “as live on air”.

The technical team and the anchor were radio connected with the producer in the control room. That way, the producer, Ann Wright, was able to guide David in content while he moderated the discussion, keeping the overall focus on the main research issues.

We are editing the programming later this month and it will appear on UNICEF ‘s Innocenti  YouTube channel early next month.