Today we were filming a case study for a company called Yotta. It is an ‘infrastructure asset management software’ provider. Which I am not sure what this means but today I was going to find out.  The case study was on East Sussex County Council and how it uses the Yotta software Horizons to manage and predict the conditions of the roads in the county.

The shoot took place in near Lewes, so we left the office very early in the morning. Arriving there, we started to set up the first interview with our cameraman, Andrew. We also met producer in charge of the interviews, Charles.

Video Production Diary Image 11

First of all, we did two inside interviews, and then recorded some shoots in the office. The purpose was to see how the employees use the program. So Andrew used the track and made some close-ups of the employee’s screen.

As it was a lovely day, we decided to film three other interviews outside. There were a lot of cars and trucks going around, so we had to stop and repeat several times because of the noise.

At the end of the day, we went for a drive in a village called Lewes, were we filmed streets, traffic and road works. The place was beautiful and we got some nice shots!

Video Production Diary Image 11