Mathilde is our new production intern and she’s making a series of production diaries, this is her second experience.

My second video production shoot day was quite different from the first one. This time, Tallboy were just providing a camera crew for a client who is based in United States.

We were shooting interviews at the  London School of Economics. That means providing all the equipment and technicians to a producer who travelled over from America. Our role was to set up two interview ‘spaces’ plus a roving camera. Our team consisted of five cameramen and a sound recordist. This allowed me to discover how a camera crew work together and to observe different ways of filming.

Video Production Diary Image 4

During the conference break, we had to interview important participants such as José María Aznar , former Spanish president. It is important to be ready to shoot at the exact time the interviewee arrives on set, especially when they are important people with no time to waste. Also, we needed to minimise the noise outside the room during the interviews, caused by the amount of people passing by. I did this by holding the doors, running all over the place!

As a runner, I had to communicate between our team, the producer and the conference manager. We had to cope with some room issues and had to de-rig all our equipment and set up in another room, which delayed us in our schedule. Filming is all about dealing with last minute changes!

Video Production Diary Image 5